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The scope of this website is to give an overview of data, knowledge and experiences about fuel cell electric buses and hydrogen refuelling infrastructure in Europe, showcasing the solution they offer to enable a zero emission society.

The information on this website focuses mainly on bus operators and public entities that are willing to implement the fuel cell technology in their bus fleet.

About a decade of maturing the technology for bus application has elapsed, from the early development in 2005 to precommercialisation in the 2015 – 2020 time frame.  By early 2020s', some 400 fuel cell electric buses will be deployed in some 30 cities in 10 European countries. The majority has been procured through the various FCH JU projects which have developed this website. 

The white paper "Commercialisation of fuel cell buses", published in autumn 2017, sets out a vision for large-scale deployment of hydrogen fuel cell buses on a commercial basis from the early 2020s. The aim is to stimulate debate regarding how the vision could be delivered and to define next steps for the principal stakeholders: policy makers, bus manufacturers, component suppliers, hydrogen infrastructure providers, and bus operators.

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