1000 Fuel Cell Buses in Europe – Biggest deployment to date

Everfuel, Wrightbus, Ballard Power Systems, Hexagon Composites, Nel Hydrogen and Ryse Hydrogen, are joining forces to form the H2Bus Consortium. This consortium aims to achieve the biggest deployment of hydrogen fuel cell buses in Europe to date: 1000 buses, along with supporting infrastructure, in European cities at commercially competitive rates.

“We will offer the most affordable zero-emission bus to meet the increasing demand in the largest cities of Europe” says Jacob Krogsgaard, CEO of Everfuel. With a single-decker bus ambitiously pricedbelow €375,000 after funding, a hydrogen price between €5 and €7 per kilogram and a service cost of €0.30 per kilometre, these buses will truly be the most cost-effective zero-emission option available. Everfuel, incorporated by Nel, will own and operate the hydrogen value chain, and purchase equipment exclusively from Nel.

The first phase of the project will consist of 600 buses and supporting infrastructure. This phase is supported by the EU’s Connecting Europe Facility (CEF1) with €40 million. This funding will enable the deployment of 200 buses in Denmark, 200 in Latvia and 200 in the United Kingdom by 2023.

For further information on this ambitious project and the H2Bus Consortium, read the joint press release here.

Fuel cell buses in Bolzano ©STA