Belgian transport operator STIB to test a hydrogen-powered bus in 2021

Brussels public transport operator STIB has announced that it will test a hydrogen-powered bus over the next two years to see what advantages this vehicle has over conventional, hybrid and electric buses.

The hydrogen-powered bus, rented from the manufacturer Van Hool, will be tested on several routes. The Brussels-based company wants to observe this technology's advantages and its possible exploitation on a larger scale. Ultimately, the aim is to make its bus fleet greener.

Hydrogen buses are quiet and emission-free with an electric motor. However, instead of being powered by batteries, the bus produces its own electricity in a hydrogen fuel cell like a regular electric bus. Buses are refuelled like regular petrol and diesel cars but at hydrogen stations. Plus, hydrogen buses can travel around 400 km without emitting greenhouse gases.

Source: BX1, The Bulletin 

Photo: Satyam Kapoor on Unsplash