Delegation of 18 European Embassies and Chambers of Commerce travelled by hydrogen bus

On March 26, Green Visits arranged a tour for Embassies and Chambers of Commerce in Oslo, Norway. 18 European nations participated in the demonstration tour that gave insight into sustainable and innovative solutions in Norway. During the tour the delegation was transported with a Van Hool hydrogen bus from the Norwegian operator Ruter, who is also a partner in the JIVE 2 project.

Among other stops, the hydrogen bus took the delegation to the Uno-X hydrogen station in Hvam. Managing Director of Uno-X Hydrogen, Roger Hertzenberg, gave the participants a presentation of the station and gave insight in the use of hydrogen as a fuel in the transport sector.

The JIVE (Joint Initiative for hydrogen Vehicles across Europe) project is a European fuel cell bus deployment project.  The JIVE2 project is an expansion of the JIVE project which is now entering its second year of activity. Combined, the JIVE projects will deploy nearly 300 fuel cell buses in 22 cities across Europe by the early 2020s – the largest deployment in Europe to date.

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The hydrogen bus at the Uno-X hydrogen station in Hvam ©Green Visits