Energy Oil & Gas magazine interviews CEO of Arcola Energy

The latest issue of the Energy Oil & Gas magazine features an interview with the founder and CEO of Arcola Energy, Dr. Ben Todd. Todd advocates passionately for the wider deployment of clean technologies and zero emission technologies in particular. Arcola Energy has been running fuel cells since the installation of their first system in 2007 and is part of the Liverpool project which will deploy 25 fuel cell buses in Liverpool. These buses are expected to enter into service in 2020.  

In the interview Todd explains the added value of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies for mobility and public transport: “We believe that using hydrogen as an energy vector, in parallel with electricity, will be extremely useful in the future”.

In recognition of the rapid ongoing expansion in both the battery and hydrogen vehicle market, Arcola Energy has also recently acquired 15.000 square foot facility to manufacture, install and maintain thousands of fuel cell systems for hydrogen buses per year. Read more about this facility here.

Read the full interview on page 40 here.