During the 2023 European Hydrogen Week (20th – 24th November 2023), JIVE/JIVE 2 took the opportunity to showcase significant milestones achieved and presented the results from the project at the EU Projects Pavilion on Tuesday 21st of November. An important part of the presentation focused on the results and impacts from the hydrogen bus roadshow initiatives organized by the JIVE 2 projects. In 2023, the JIVE 2 project organized two hydrogen bus roadshows through Central and Eastern Europe. A 1st one, from mid-November 2022 to mid-January 2023, toured five countries and nine cities, including Slovenia, Croatia, Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary and a 2nd one, from end of August to beginning of October 2023, toured four countries and eight cities, including Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. The bus performed well consistently throughout the two hydrogen bus roadshows and operators were satisfied with the results of the test trials. The roadshows serve as an example of the viability of hydrogen in public transport, and the accumulated data strongly supports this assertion. A report on the impact and lessons learnt from the 1st JIVE 2 hydrogen bus roadshow is available here. The report for the 2nd JIVE 2 hydrogen bus roadshow will be made available soon!

The event concluded on a high note as JIVE 2 was honoured with the Best Outreach Award within the Clean Hydrogen Partnership Awards, held at Brussels Expo on November 22nd.

This recognition is a testament to the project’s outstanding communication and dissemination efforts, particularly through its impactful Central and Eastern Europe Roadshow and the fifth edition of the European ZEB Conference. The roadshows, spanning across nine Eastern European countries, comprised 32 events, engaging over 1,700 participants and garnering substantial media coverage, with 420 articles and programs reaching 5.3 million people. The roadshow initiatives participate to a higher understanding of the technology and its benefits to a large audience.

2023 also saw the organisation of a major event in the zero-emission bus sector, organized by the JIVE 2 project: the 5th edition of the European ZEB Conference in October 2023, where over 430 stakeholders explored the remaining barriers preventing further acceleration of deployments of zero emission buses and coaches in Europe and discussed the potential political, technological, and economic solutions. Heald during Busworld, this edition of the conference was the biggest ever, and the first to be held at the world’s largest B2B bus and coach exhibition, giving attendees the unique opportunity to see hands on the technological developments discussed in the conference. Stay tuned and follow the conference social media to get the latest updates on the conference (LinkedIn, Twitter).

“The JIVE projects, Europe’s largest fuel cell bus deployment initiative to date, recognised with the prestigious Best Outreach Award at the Clean Hydrogen Partnership Awards 2023, have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to increasing awareness of fuel cell bus technology. The award recognizes the communication and dissemination successes of the JIVE projects, which delivered two hydrogen bus roadshows across nine Eastern European countries between late 2022 and 2023 and a major international conference in 2023. The roadshows included 32 events ranging from national workshops to student and professional gatherings and engaged over 1,700 participants. The impact reverberated across the region, generating over 420 media articles, TV, and radio programs, reaching 5.3 million people. The fifth edition of the Zero Emission Bus conference, held in partnership with Busworld in October 2023, also played a pivotal role in this recognition. With over 430 stakeholders in attendance, including 20% of the conference speakers representing JIVE project partners, the event served as a significant platform for sharing insights and experiences in transitioning Europe’s bus and coach fleets to zero emission. The JIVE projects’ tireless dedication to outreach is playing a major role in advancing the collective understanding of hydrogen technology in mobility applications.

Michael Dolman, Partner at ERM – ERM is the project coordinator of the JIVE and JIVE 2 projects

Clean Hydrogen Partnership’s Executive Director praised the project for its outstanding communication efforts: "With your activities, especially the Road Show in Central and Eastern Europe you reached an enormous number of citizens and generated huge interest by local governments to commit to deploy fuel cell buses. I warmly congratulate you on this achievement and believe that this will contribute to positioning the EU as a front-runner in the clean transportation revolution."

Mirela Atanasiu, Executive Director - Clean Hydrogen Partnership 


The JIVE and JIVE2 projects are financed by the Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking under grant agreements no. 735582 and 779563. The Clean Hydrogen Undertaking receives support from the European Union's research and innovation programs Horizon 2020, Hydrogen Europe, and Hydrogen Europe Research. About the JIVE and JIVE 2 projects: The JIVE and JIVE2 projects, which started in January 2017 and January 2018, respectively, will deploy 310 zero-emission fuel cell buses and associated infrastructure (under the MEHRLIN project) in 17 European cities and regions by the first half of the 2020s, which represents the largest implementation in Europe so far. The buses will be deployed in cities and regions in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom.


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