Fuel cell bus project 3Emotion is supporting partner at the conference on “Clean Buses in Europe”, on May 11-12, 2022 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Fuel cell bus project 3Emotion is supporting partner at the fifth annual conference on “Clean Buses in Europe”, on May 11-12, 2022 at InterContinental Amstel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

It will promote its succesfull demonstration of 29 buses in 5 Cities in Europe (Aalborg, Rotterdam, London, Versailles and Pau)

Sandra bodker of North Denmark Regio will present the experiences of Aalborg on its hydrogen refuelling stations in one of the Sessions on Day 2 (Session 8: Hydrogen Refueling Stations and Infrastructure), that will be moderated by Stefan Neis of WaterstofNet, co-coordinator of 3Emotion.

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The mission of the Clean Buses in Europeconference is to discuss the progress and highlight opportunities in the deployment of clean buses, especially zero-emission buses (ZEBs), in the region. It will examine European Commission’s latest initiatives, nationwide programmes, city-level commitments, relevant experiences, best practices, issues with large-scale deployments, lessons learnt and the role of rapidly evolving technology in the area of zero-emission buses and related infrastructure. It will also provide information on formulating urban strategy plans, as well as on procuring, financing, operating and maintaining clean and zero-emission buses. 

The conference will bring together policymakers, transit agencies, city government officials, OEMs, bus manufacturers, suppliers of bus components, technology providers, energy providers, charging solution suppliers and battery manufacturers, hydrogen-fuelling infrastructure providers, funding agencies, multilateral development banks, consultants, researchers and academicians. It will cover a range of clean buses and solutions. Examples will be provided for large, medium and small transit agencies. 

The conference will have 12 targeted sessions, panel discussions and case studies, with participation from a wide range of international experts, who will provide valuable insights and actionable advice. The agenda will cover the plans of cities for deploying clean and zero-emission buses in Europe. It will also highlight the latest technological developments and solutions to improve the customer experience.