Hydrogen bus runs in Hungary for the first time

A Caetano hydrogen fuel cell bus will be showcased for three days in Paks, Hungary, as part of the Central and Eastern European hydrogen bus roadshow launched by the JIVE2 project, co-financed by the Clean Hydrogen Partnership.

The JIVE and JIVE2 projects are Europe's largest hydrogen bus deployment projects, deploying over 300 hydrogen buses in Europe. The Caetano bus is equipped with Toyota's fuel cell technology, has zero local and low noise emissions, and can travel 400 km on a single charge, refuelling taking just 9 minutes.

The Hungarian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association coordinates the demonstration activities, while HUMDA, the Hungarian Mobility Development Agency, provides technological support, the hydrogen filling station, and the fuel. The JIVE2 project aims to promote the commercialisation of hydrogen buses and the development of hydrogen refuelling infrastructure. In addition, the demonstration pilot project will provide valuable experience on how this technology can best be used in public transport.