Hydrogen buses praised for helping Aberdeen go green

Article published on Evening Express

The Scottish Government is on track to exceed a target to make Aberdeen greener by next year, a senior politician has claimed. SNP MSP David Torrance took part in a debate in the Scottish Parliament about sustainable and renewable transport and singled out the city for praise in its use of hydrogen buses.

Mr Torrance said: “We are currently on track to outperform the interim emissions reduction target of at least 56% by 2020.“Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow have been named the three greenest cities in the UK, based on everything from recycling and air quality to the number of electric vehicles and green spaces.”

During last Thursday’s debate, Mr Torrance added: “Fuel cell vehicles are also being used to reduce emissions from public transport networks in our major cities. “Aberdeen already has one of the most advanced municipal hydrogen-powered fleets in the UK, including 10 buses, with another 10 due to be introduced. The buses are not only emission free but quieter than conventional buses, reducing air and noise pollution. By the end of 2019, 60 fuel cell vehicles are set to be operating in the Aberdeen area. The city’s refuelling centre is now open to the public, so anyone wishing to cut down their carbon emissions can make the switch to an emission-free vehicle.”


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