Hydrogen-powered bus drives through Slovakia as part of the CEE roadshow

The fourth stop of the Central and Eastern European hydrogen bus roadshow in Trnava, Slovakia. The previous stops were Slovenia, Croatia and Czechia.

The event consists of a three-day test run of a 12-metre hydrogen city bus from CaetanoBus on a route chosen by Trnava. Along with the bus, a mobile hydrogen refuelling station will be available. The event will kick off with a press conference on 9  January, followed by demonstration rides on the hydrogen bus for guests and the public. On 12 January, a workshop will be held to present the benefits of emission-free hydrogen mobility, evaluate the test run of the hydrogen bus and outline the vision of emission-free transport for Trnava and the whole of Slovakia. All urban bus operators in the Slovak Republic, municipal, regional and state public officials, the professional public and the media will be invited.