Lessons learned from JIVE's 1st CEE Roadshow

The first JIVE roadshow aimed to deploy a hydrogen bus roadshow across Central Eastern European cities interested in fuel cell technology, namely in Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. The roadshow has been a real opportunity for identified cities to trial the technology and understand the reality of hydrogen transportation.

The first roadshow in numbers"

  • 9 cities tested the fuel cell bus across 5 countries
  • Total distance travelled: 1 641 km
  • Hydrogen consumed: approximatively 125 kg, resulting in an average consumption of 7,6 kg/100km.
  • The bus range: at least 400 km.

Additionally, the initiative was successful in achieving its objectives:

  • 1st objective: At the end of the roadshow, all participants cities/operators will announce public commitments to deploying FCBs by 2025-2030. ACHIEVED as most of the cities that trialed the technology (over 90%) have announced a formal interest in deploying FCBs after the roadshow.
  • 2nd objective: Increase the public awareness of the technology (to everyone). ACHIEVED as 13 events, including national workshops, student events, professional events and media events were attended by over 900 participants. The roadshow successfully generated much interest amongst the cities involved as well as across the region – a total of over 220 media articles, TV and radio programs discussed the roadshow and the bus’s performance resulting in a reach of over 2.5 million people.

“The efficiency of hydrogen cells is constantly increasing. Thanks to that, hydrogen buses become a reliable alternative to vehicles using diesel. This was also confirmed by the intensive 3-day testing of the CAETANO hydrogen bus on one of the city lines in Trnava.” Mr. Peter Nemec, CEO of Arriva Trnava.

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