Operators' guide to FCB deployment (Oct 2019)

Document purpose, scope, and target audience

This document is intended to provide a guide for cities / public transport operators seeking to introduce fleets of hydrogen fuel cell buses. The main aim is to summarise the key tasks to be undertaken to successfully deploy and operate new fleets of fuel cell buses and to provide references to further sources of useful information. While the main target audience is those cities / operators with limited prior experience of the technology, the information provided is likely to be a useful reference source for any organisation planning or delivering a fuel cell bus project. The focus of this guide is on the vehicles; reference is made to the hydrogen refuelling infrastructure that is also required to operate a fleet of fuel cell buses and links to further sources of information on this topic are provided in the “Further information” section. The JIVE projects provide a unique opportunity to share experience between the leading innovators in hydrogen fuel cell buses and to capture new learning through the practical experience gained in delivering the local projects. This guide will be updated during the JIVE projects to take into account the latest lessons and best practice recommendations.

Document structure

The following sections provide lists of tasks and insights from previous projects structured in chronological order from the preparatory stages, through to vehicle delivery, run-in, and full operation.