President Emmanuel Macron is introduced to the hydrogen fuel cell bus ‘Fébus’

Today, 14 January, president Macron visited Pau to discover the city's ecological initiatives, including the new eco-friendly hydrogen fuel cell bus ‘Fébus’.

Fébus was unveiled in September and launched in December. This zero-emission bus is the first of a fleet of 8 buses that will travel around the city. These ground-breaking buses are co-financed by the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCHJU), 5 under the JIVE 2 project and 3 in the framework of the 3Emotion project. 

What are the advantages of Fébus?

  • The Fébus station produces two tonnes of oxygen per day (equivalent to the production of a 62-hectare forest in one year).
  • Unlike electric buses, Fébus does not need to recharge its batteries and can provide a full day’s service.
  • They have priority on roundabouts and have a dedicated lane for 85% of their route.
  • The hydrogen that powers these buses is produced locally in a production and distribution station.

The launch of this innovative and environmentally friendly bus marks a step further towards a zero-emission European society.

More information on France 3 (in French)

Photo: © Mélanie Pedeutour. From left to right: Jan Van Hool, CTO at Van Hool; president Emmanuel Macron; Mr Delpon, member of Assemblée Nationale; Mr François Bayrou, mayor of Pau; Mr Nicolas Patriarche, president of the SMTU ( French PTA in Pau and surroundings).