UGAP markets three hydrogen-powered buses

UGAP - a French public procurement agency - is offering hydrogen-powered buses for the first time. This offer, available at the beginning of February, will enable public transport operators and organising authorities to meet their low-emission vehicle targets. This offer can be partly financed by the State's aid set and by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regional aid scheme. This will make it easier for local authorities who wish to equip themselves with hydrogen vehicles.

Two suppliers have been selected

  • SAFRA: 2 Businova H2. Length of 10 and 12 metres. The 132 kWh battery pack is connected to a 30 kw fuel cell. Range: 350 km.
  • Van Hool: A 330 FC 6W.  Length 12 meters . 5 type IV tanks of 322 litres, i.e., 1610 litres at 350 bars, a traction battery of 24 kWh and one fuel cell of 83 kW and a range of 350 km.

These three buses complete and enrich UGAP's low-emission public transport offer, which to date includes a wide range of electric engines.

The Mobility Orientation Act: short-term objectives

This offer of hydrogen-powered buses will enable public transport operators and organising authorities to achieve their objectives during the various phases of fleet renewal in "low-emission" vehicles.

Since 1st January 2020, 50% of newly acquired buses and coaches must be categorised as low emission for fleets of 20 vehicles or more. This rate will be increased to 100% from 1 January 2025.

Financial aid for local authorities, associations, and businesses

For the acquisition of hydrogen vehicles, funding is offered by ADEME and the Bank of the Territories. The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region's subsidy scheme is also implemented to help local authorities in the region to reduce the cost of acquisition.

Source: News Cision