UITP published a Knowledge Brief in partnership with JIVE and JIVE 2 project partners

UITP has published a Knowledge Brief in partnership with the JIVE and JIVE 2 project partners offering an expert account of fuel cell bus deployment. Fuel cell buses: Best practices and commercialisation approaches provides a much-needed insight for public transport operators and authorities. The key elements of fuel cell bus deployment are highlighted using a practical approach to understand the fuel cell bus solution,

This Knowledge Brief reproduces a fictional case study from the JIVE and JIVE 2 Best Practice Report 2020, which is based on a range of real life scenarios frokm the JIVE projects. This document explains how a new adopter can integrate a fleet of fuel cell buses. It also aims to give readers a better understanding of the process, using a walk-through approach from start to finish and identifying best practices along the way. For more factual and technological information, you can check out the full project report.

'The JIVE and JIVE 2 projects support the commercialisation of fuel cell bus technology to become a more mainstream option in city transport networks. I believe this document provides key lessons for public transport operators and authorities to ease their plans in adding fuel cell buses into their city bus fleets', Efe Usanmaz, Manager – Knowledge & Innovation & UITP Project Manager for JIVE & JIVE 2.

French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Hungarian, Polish and Danish translations will follow shortly – so keep an eye out for updates!