Zero Emission Bus Conference 2021 brings together battery and hydrogen buses to find solutions for a carbon-neutral Europe

On 17-18 November 2021, the fourth edition of the European Zero Emission Bus (ZEB) Conference took place in Paris. With a world-leading Climate Action Plan, underpinned by the international Paris Agreement and national commitment towards a fully decarbonised economy by 2050, Paris provided the perfect venue for ZEB 2021. This conference aims to accelerate the adoption of zero-emission vehicles, sharing information and experiences and offering guidance on the procurement and financing of new fleets.

Accelerating the decarbonisation of public transport is critical to achieving these ambitious net-zero targets. Held over two days at the Maison de la Chimie, the 2021 ZEB edition brought together experienced operators and industry experts to outline pathways towards achieving full fleet transitions to zero-emission. 

The ZEB 2021 programme gave operators, public transport authorities and local policymakers a complete overview of the considerations for deploying zero-emission fleets at scale. In addition, around 300 attendees from the zero-emission bus industry participated in the various exhibitions and panels showcasing the latest developments in battery and fuel cell electric buses.

The first day of the conference examined current solutions and expected trends for deploying zero-emission buses and infrastructure in a dialogue between experienced operators and manufacturers.


The second day focused on strategies for scaling up the deployment of zero-emission vehicles. Expert speakers shared details of their fleet transition plans and outlined ways to move from financing to funding.


The ZEB conference demonstrated that zero-emission buses are ready for mass-market deployment. Therefore, the ZEB conference calls on European manufacturers, cities, and operators to act and lead the global zero-emission bus market.

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