Regular Operations


This sub-stage considers the regular operation of the Buses and the HRS/H2 supply as a combined system. At the time of collecting the information in this section, only a handful of JIVE Projects sites had started Regular Operations. These sites have reported a few issues in transitioning to this phase. They were generally pleased with their progress.

Their reports included:

  • High levels of satisfaction with, and acceptance of, the buses being reported by drivers, technicians and passengers
  • Seamless integration with diesel buses - same flexibility and operating procedures
  • Good levels of efficiency in terms of fuel consumption, often significantly better than the typical 8 to 10 kg/100 km with the previous generation of 12 m FCBs. some local fleets have achieved less than 7 kg/100 km
  • Acceptable refuelling times, although not reaching the project target of 3 kg/min, corresponding to 8 min for 24 kg H2
  • Acceptable levels of availability and reliability of FCB and HRS operation

Nonetheless, there are still challenges being faced. These are reported in the links below:

Regular Operations of FCBs – Challenges and Best Practice Solutions.

Regular Refuelling Operations – Challenges and Best Practice Solutions.

Picture: HRS in Pau, France.