EU : The Clean Bus Deployment Initiative

The Clean Bus Deployment Initiative was launched by the European Commission in July 2017. With the Paris climate agreement in force, the EU is more than ever committed to a global transition towards a low carbon economy. Local and regional leaders have a key role in cutting carbon emissions by upgrading our transport systems making them cleaner, more energy efficient and more sustainable. Low-emission mobility brings significant benefits to our citizens whilst strengthening innovation and competitiveness of our industry. We therefore all need to support zero-emission transportation as the most effective and efficient form of public mobility in our regions and cities.

Through their combined efforts the signatories of the "Declaration of intent on promoting large-scale deployment of clean, alternatively fuelled buses in Europe" are committed to make the transition to clean, alternatively fuelled happen.

The initiative was signed by a large number of cities, OEMs and organisations from across Europe and beyond. You can sign up to the Clean Bus Declaration:

The Clean Bus Deployment initiative is based on the following 3 pillars:

  1. A public declaration endorsing a common ambition of cities and manufacturers to accelerate roll-out of clean buses : The signatories commit to jointly deploy 2,000 clean buses by the end of 2019 in the EU
  2. Creating a deployment platform where public authorities, public transport operators, manufacturers and financial organisations can come together with the aim to:
    • better exchange information,
    • better organize relevant actors and create coalitions,
    • leverage potential investment action
    • issue recommendations on specific policy topics
  3. Creation of an expert group bringing together actors from the demand and supply side. This expert group will benefit from consolidated expertise on technological, financial and organisational issues.

More information on the European Commission website.