Safety education of First Responders

HyResponder is a ‘Coordination and Support Action (CSA)’ project supported by EC Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking and aiming to establish the World’s first European Hydrogen Emergency Response training programme for First Responders, to facilitate safer deployment of FCH systems and infrastructure.

The HyResponse project targets to create a European Hydrogen Safety Training Platform (EHSTP). This training platform will develop a tool box for European First Responders to help them assessing status and decision making not only for the implementation of a new hydrogen project but also on the emergency response level in case of incident/accident on site.

The existing Fire Fighter pedagogic training approach will be followed to train First Responders on all safety aspects in dealing with not only transport but also stationary hydrogen applications i.e. passenger vehicles, buses, forklifts, hydrogen refuelling station, materials handling, decentralised hydrogen production, hydrogen storage and distribution systems, backup power generation, stationary fuel cells for combined production of heat and power.

The training will be three-fold: educational training including hydrogen hazards and risks from hydrogen applications, operational level training on mock-up real scale transport and hydrogen stationary installations, and innovative virtual training exercises reproducing entire accident scenarios, thereby testing the whole chain of command and communication between all members of the First Responders team.

Fuel Cell Electric Bus and Hydrogen Safety Training for First Responders