Launch of the European clean bus deployment initiative

With the Paris climate agreement in force, the EU is more than ever committed to a global transition towards a low carbon economy. Local and regional leaders have a key role in cutting carbon emissions by upgrading our transport systems making them cleaner, more energy efficient and more sustainable.

Low-emission mobility brings significant benefits to our citizens whilst strengthening innovation and competitiveness of our industry. We therefore all need to support zero-emission transportation as the most effective and efficient form of public mobility in our regions and cities.

Strategies for joint procurement of Fuel Cell Electric Buses

This report summarises the efforts in setting up a joint procurement strategy for the purchase of fuel cell electric buses in clusters in Europe (Benelux, France, Germany, Northern Europe and UK).

Building on the findings of the 2015 FCH JU commercialisation study and working with the clusters, the report also outlines the efforts undertaken to build up the demand.