Deployment and Operations - Introduction


This project stage is addressed in the following sub-stages:

Deployment This sub-stage consists of preparatory activities that need to be undertaken before a site can commence operating FCBs.

Commissioning and Early Operations – This sub-stage discusses the experiences during the very early months of operating the buses and the HRS, including any teething issues.

Regular Operations – This sub-stage refers to the regular, routine operation of the buses and the HRS as a combined system.

In the JIVE Projects, the Deployment and Operations Stage has mostly proceeded more smoothly than the 3 previous stages, despite some PTOs experiencing some difficulties during Commissioning. A significant number of these issues were in the standard components in the buses and not in the FC System. Delays in establishing reliably functioning HRSs have also arisen. Ensuring that H2 supply meets the full operational demand has also sometimes been problematic.

Where buses are now in Regular Operations, sites are reporting acceptance and high satisfaction from users such as drivers and passengers.

A key message across this and all Stages continues to be that regular, focused and well-organised communication between the relevant parties, including those inside the depot, with suppliers, and among project stakeholders, is critical (see section 1.3).

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